Hi! I'm Pao.

I am a software engineer based in New York City. I build software that aids good thinking and helps people generate and express creative ideas.

I write about creativity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and people here on and my newsletter, This might be wrong.

Work and education

As a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher who builds systems, I wear many hats. For the same project, I can be a UX designer, a product manager, a software engineer, and a data scientist.

Now, I am a technical lead at B12, a startup aiming to bring a brighter future of work with AI. My projects at B12 use automation to boost the productivity of web designers, copywriters, and project managers.

Before B12, I finished my Ph.D. in Computer Science working in Intelligent Interactive Systems Group at Harvard University. I did my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University.

For more details, see my LinkedIn page.


I design and study tools for creatives and thinkers. My research explores ways to apply intelligent technologies to help people think and come up with creative ideas.

Beyond individuals' creativity, I am interested in crowd innovation and how we, as society, can make good decisions on public policies together.

Fun facts

I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. I spent my past 15 years in the United states. I have lived in the Bay Area, Boston, Seattle (in summer 😎), and finally NYC.

My fun time involves rolling on a mat in an Aikido dojo, watercolor painting, and reading. I love traveling and sketching on site. My secondary hobbies are playing piano/ukulele, Go, and Kendama.


I once dreamed of becoming a manga artist. Now I sketch and paint in my free time. You can see more of my sketches on my Instagram page.


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